Tiny Planet - Eclipsed in Our Own Little World
There’s something magical about witnessing a celestial event, especially when it’s captured in a way that turns the world into a tiny, spherical wonder. This photo, taken during a backyard eclipse viewing, transforms our familiar surroundings into a compact globe where the sky and earth meet in a harmonious blend. In this image, my wife and I are the focal points of our miniature planet. She gazes skyward, eyes shielded by protective glasses, absorbing the cosmic spectacle unfolding above.
Tiny Planet - A Night in the Neon Jungle: Times Square in 360 Degrees
Welcome to the heart of the Big Apple, captured in a way that spins the hustle and bustle of Times Square into a tiny, vibrant globe of lights and energy. This 360-degree snapshot transforms the iconic urban landscape into a miniature world where neon lights and towering billboards curve around us, creating a visual spectacle that feels both intimate and expansive. In this image, my companion and I stand at the center of the action, dwarfed by the luminous screens and skyscrapers that define New York City’s most famous square.
Tiny Planet - Love in a Tiny World: Our Urban Sphere
In the heart of the city, where the hustle and bustle rise like a symphony, my wife and I found a moment of stillness, captured in a 360-degree snapshot that turned our surroundings into a tiny planet. Standing in the embrace of the iconic LOVE sculpture, the cityscape unfurls around us, a panoramic view that curls into itself, creating a world where everything converges towards love. The towering skyscrapers curve gracefully, bending towards us as if in a bow, framing our moment in an urban cocoon.